Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Cavalcadium

For the last time, it is a giraffe! Not a dragon! Our little new logo is of what I speak. So many dragon enthusiasts have sent me e-messages and letters about how they appreciate the new dragon logo for Steam Powered Giraffe. I am a fan of Dragonheart 2: A New Beginning just the same as you, but why would I call the group Steam Powered Giraffe and have my Grand Nephewaunt design a dragon head for our logo? Steam Powered Dragon is an entirely different band.

What's this new logo for then? What, you're asking, is this all about? You missed FACEMELTAPALOOZA didn't you, Jimmy? Well now, you're not quite caught up to the goings-ons. Let me shower you with my enlightening strings of text.

I have paid my Step Cousiniece to build a website for fans of the Steam Powered Giraffe robots: The Cavalcadium of Peter Walter. And this is not just limited to the fans of Earth! No no! On the contrary, if you're from Moustachetopia or New Pieland, I want you to be a part of our community! If you're an alien or a vampire, or even a space cowboy, we want you! If you have six legs or are a goat-eating Troll, or you're a cyborg with flamethrowers - Especially if you're a cyborg with flamethrowers. I want you to join if you enjoy the robots!

Seriously, if you're a cyborg with flamethrowers we can make good use of you. In fact, I'm sending out a request to my admins to look for cyborgs with flamethrowers. Heck, lasers are cool too.

You see, Earth doesn't recognize Steam Powered Giraffe, and because of that, I have no way to protect their secret Blue Matter Self Oscillating Utilitarian Lifesources which run them. We need all the help we can get to promote the robots and protect them from falling into the wrong hands.

Some of you may have heard rumors of the Brown Suits, who have kept the robots safe for decade after decade, after disco revolution. But they've seen sinister workings going on from the rival family of inventors. The Beciles. For years they've wanted the robots, and sources say, I. M. Becile is alive and well in the alternate reality of Kazooland, amassing a giant candy-powered robot army!

Scary indeed! I'll let you change your pants and then meet me at http://www.thecavalcadium.com/.
Sign up and support the Walter robots! I insist!

And now for some pictures of dragons.

Your Pal,

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